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What We Offer

Free worksheets and resources for teaching maths. Our automatic worksheet-generating spreadsheets allow for careful customising by teachers to allow for precise differentiation for the needs of each individual class and/or pupil - and all have been made available completely free. Thousands of different worksheets available in each file; never run out of extension work again! See our demonstration video to get an idea of how our sheets work.

We also have a selection of comprehensive course revision notes for SQA Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics courses at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels, for which a school or single-user licence can be bought through the online store on this site.  Also sold in our store are prelims for all SQA Mathematics exams (Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 plus National 5 Applications of Mathematics). 

Last but not least our free SQA Exam Question Banks  (launched in January 2000)  offers teachers and learners the chance to search over twenty years of exam papers and mark schemes by topic.      

David Watkins